14 October 2019 , Monday 05:24 AM
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We trade all the Oil & Coal
that keeps the country running.

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We believe in giving back to
the society from where we earn,
we also belive in uplifting
the society. (Spell correction)

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Real Estate

Real estate: Be it any profession,
All invesment lands in land

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Our aim is to make soccer
The new religion of the country

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We do Mining of Chrome Ore,
Iron Ore and other mineral

D.D.Shah (Global) & Co. » Multi-Product & Multi-functional company!

Coal Trading

Independent and competitive trading company dealing in steam coal. Strong and growing strategic position as far as production, marketing and distribution.


Mining of Chrome Ore, Nickel Ore and other mineral resources in Indonesia. Acquired huge portion of land in Indonesia and we believe in royalty mechanism.


Rubber Flex A is Aromatic type of Rubber Process Oils recommended for tyres, moulded articles.


Aspire to build up this portal into one of the chief sites designed for buying, selling or leasing any type of assets in India.

Our Company

D.D.Shah & Company was established in 1983. It was started from small medical store. Later, it expanded into pharmaceutical raw material and bulk drug chemical trading. Diversifying further into the trading of small land plots to giant plots of land, we bought land and started construction scheme(Hirawadi).

Then onwards we imported Oil cargo and sold in Iran-Dubai and local markets. Currently we are doing work like oil import and real estate schemes. In the real estate schemes like townships and city urban development, we also do land acquisition.

Our Mining Expertise

At all stages of our supply processes stringent quality control measures are employed to assure that this critical mineral is on target with specification.

We will employ local people of Indonesia which would ensure the development of the local community, good remuneration to the locals and sustainable growth for Indonesia.

We have acquired huge portion of land in Manado, Indonesia and we believe in royalty mechanism where at all the stages of mining and exporting, we will employ local people of Indonesia which would ensure the development of the local community.



It is a long established fact that We have always been On Toes when it comes to Client Satisfaction.